Historic and informative The Anthropology museum of Silliman University is a must to visit if you are a tourist in Dumaguete City. served as headquarters and detention center. The History of Silliman University. Dean, College of Engineering and Design, Myles Nicholas G. Bejar, LIB, M Int’I Laws Education. The Board of Trustees shall elect an Executive Committee and seven standing committees: Programs and Services Committee, Fiscal and Physical Properties Committee, Human Resources/Organizational Development Committee, Trustee Membership Committee, Legal Committee, Investment Committee and Scholarship Committee. Dean, College of Business Administration, Joy M. Dy, MIS Manager, Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium, Officers   Promote unity among peoples and contribute to national development. Silliman University is an institution of higher learning founded on and proclaiming the evangelical tradition of the Christian faith and seeks unity and cooperation in the best tradition of the ecumenical movement; Silliman University is a ministry of multilevel Christian education, and as such the University recognizes and respects its own Christian ideals, heritage and traditions, and its faith on Jesus Christ as “the Way, the Truth and the Life”, in the sense stated in the Holy Bible; Silliman University is an enabler of great learning by building in each person a unity of competence, character and faith and with a deep sense of social responsibility; Silliman University is a community of persons seeking to build personal and collective development, and which affirms the fundamental dignity of all human beings and of the integrity of God’s creation; Each person in the University – faculty, staff, student, alumni, friend – is a repository of the unique heritage and traditions of Silliman University; each embodying a part of its heritage and tradition; and. The college was founded in 1935 with Emilio Javier and Felix Gaudiel as pioneers. No one should solicit from anyone, any work, service or output that is not directly relevant to a professional undertaking or relationship occasioned in the classroom or other recognized and specified workplaces in the University or under any related learning experience (RLE), service learning or volunteerism program approved by the University; Students are expected to fully understand and be supportive of the vision, mission and goals of the University and of their respective colleges and departments. Section 9. Majority of Silliman students are Roman Catholics and a good number are Muslims. Various activities for faith nurture, education, worship, fellowship, and service are in store for Silliman students all year round. Street Warriors. Cecilia M. Genove, EdD The University is a founding member of the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia. Late Philippine president Carlos P. Garcia was a dormitory resident at Silliman Hall during his high school years from 1916 to 1918. Everyone is expected to observe honesty in all academic conduct and work in the University. The mission in the Philippines started with Dr. David Sutherland Hibbard and wife, Laura, who were commissioned to head it. Dr. Silliman had long been an active supporter of schools and colleges. Something had caught his imagination about these islands, and the people whom he had never seen and whom he would never meet. It also offers a strong Basic Education program from Early Childhood to Senior High School. Three American presidents and nine Filipino presidents have been instrumental in paving the way to what Silliman is today and what more it can still become: Dr. David Hibbard (1901-1930), Dr. Roy Brown (1932-1936), Dr. Arthur Carson (1939-1953), Dr. Leopoldo Ruiz (1953-1961), Dr. Cicero Calderon (1962-1971), Dr. Quintin Doromal (1973-1982), Justice Venacio Aldecoa (1983-1986), Dr. Pedro Flores (1987-1989), Dr. Angel Alcala (1991-1992), Dr. Mervyn Misajon (1994-1996), Dr. Agustin A. Pulido (1996-2006) and Dr. Ben S. Malayang III (2006-2018). Over 300 age-old acacia trees dot the sprawling campus … Silliman University, which is turning 117 on August 28, 2018, is no different. Silliman University was founded as Silliman Institute, an elementary school on August 28, 1901, by the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. under the terms of a gift from Dr. Horace Brinsmade Silliman, a philanthropist of Cohoes, New York. In 1972, when martial law was declared, Silliman was one of the first two universities closed. He shall also perform such other duties as are usually discharged by the said officers, or as my be assigned to him by the Board of Trustees, the minutes and records of the Corporation ana of the Board of Trustees shall be kept in the City of Dumaguete, and shall be available for inspection by any officer or members of the Board of Trustees or by the President of the University at any reasonable time. Human Resource Development Manager, Edgar S. Ygnalaga Jr., MEng’g, REE (b) he shall act as executive officer of the University, and shall carry out the duties customary to this position and such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Board of Trustees. (as amended on March 19, 2011). Silliman University History-Political Science Society. Its first floor was initially used as the country’s first Protestant church, while the third floor was originally a dormitory. The University is an ideal choice for students in search of the best of a laid-back environment located within the progressive and safe University Town of Dumaguete. Intellectual property rights. Fellowship was of course uppermost but a strong second consideration was financial. Sustaining this thrust on an international level, Silliman is active in an international service-learning program that aims for cultural understanding and a multi-sectoral approach to addressing social concerns. Dr. David Sutherland Hibbard and his wife, Laura, took on the challenge, and scouted the provinces of Cebu, Zamboanga, and Iloilo as possible locations. The actions of the various committees are recommendatory and subject to review and final decision by the Board of Trustees. Silliman University, sometimes simply called Silliman or SU, is a private Christian university in Dumaguete City, Philippines.The school first started in 1901 when American Presbyterian missionaries came to the Philippines after the war between America and Spain ended. Section 9. Its first president was Dr. David S. Hibbard. Both left marks in Silliman’s history as local communities were forced to leave the hallowed halls of the university and migrate to various places across the province. Acting Budget Officer, Percival Gerard M. Genove, MIS university’s first building completed in 1903 still stands. Scholarship. Provide an environment where Christian fellowship and relationship can be nurtured and promoted. Silliman Hall now houses the university’s Fine Arts department on its second floor. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll email you a link to reset your password. Silliman University is a corporation governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines and derives both entitlements from and obligations to the same. In 1921, the College obtained recognition for its offering of a four-year A.B. Dean, College of Education All members and officers of the Board of Trustees shall be furnished with copies of the semi-annual reports. Director, Silliman Online University Learning, Jeaneth H. Faller, ThD The Church Director, Office of Information and Publications, Beulah Rose R. Torres, PhD Student records are considered confidential unless confidentiality is waived or allowed by law or by university policy. Special meetings of the Board of Trustees may be held at any place within the Philippines. The Investment Committee will optimize the earnings of Silliman University investible funds from any and all investment products and instruments without putting the principal in a compromising position, and to develop and deepen the financial relationship between the University, banks and other financial institutions to enhance credit accessibility and other reciprocal business. While inspired by foreign architecture, Silliman Hall is still deeply rooted in the style of the Filipino bahay-na-bato. Members of the University should not undertake sponsored research which would damage or impair the academic integrity of their professional conduct. The Trustee Membership Committee shall administer the nominations to the Board of Trustees from all constituencies of the Board and shall undertake the orientation of the new Trustees. Three areas were considered: Cebu, Zamboanga and Iloilo. Silliman University: History of the Philippines - See 138 traveller reviews, 153 candid photos, and great deals for Dumaguete City, Philippines, at Tripadvisor. Mrs. Grace A. Ty, Silliman University © 2020 All Rights Reserved - 1 Hibbard Avenue, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, 6200 Philippines |, University Policy on Gender-Based Sexual Harassment, Enrollment Flow for First Year Applicants, Pre-Online Enrollment Flow for Continuing Students, 119th Founders Day Calendar of Activities, How to Avail of FREE Microsoft Office 365, COVID-19 and the Gender Divide: Overcoming Challenges, Finding a Better Normal for Women and Girls. Director, Alumni and External Affairs Office, Melita C. Aguilar, MA DevCom The Programs and Services Committee will monitor, evaluate, and formulate new directions and guidelines for the instruction, research, and extension functions of the University. During the Japanese occupation, Silliman Hall served as headquarters and detention center. Members of the community should not claim credit for the research and intellectual property of others, but should give due credit to the contributions of others in collaborative work. Sports play an equally important part in the life of a Silliman student. Buildings and Grounds Superintendent History of Silliman. Section 1. Section 2. Vice President for Development, Myles Nicholas G. Bejar, LIB, M Int’I Laws Even the Philippines, which at that time was still recovering from the onslaught of the Spanish-American War, was not on the immediate list for a Presbyterian mission. During the war, professors from Silliman would teach in the community school in Mt. Director for Research, Emervencia L. Ligutom Silliman University was ranked 4th best in the country (following three University of Philippines schools), and in the top 150 universities in all of Asia. It was closed at this time because of the general economic conditions and a decline in the number of students. No trustee shall be a member of more than two Standing Committees. Silliman University is home to over 10,000 students. At the basement of the Silliman University Church, in a room named the Catacombs, the ‘secret’ campus rendezvous of students continued. Dr. Epifania D. Anfone The campus itself is like a big compound of structures strategically placed at each specific location alongside lush greenery. To most Americans in the late 1800, Dumaguete was a name their tongue was still to master. SPOT.ph is property of Summit Media, the unsurpassed drama of a Dumaguete morning from the sea"—the same words spoken by. Section 4. Bachelor's courses; AB in History details > contact > X close. 3. Both left marks in Silliman’s history as local communities were forced to leave the hallowed halls of the university … Entrance is at P200. The school was granted university status in 1938. Registrar and Admissions Officer, Joshua Francisco J. Ablong, LIB Some of its parts, including the steel columns, ceiling moldings, and tiles, came from the debris of an old theater in New York. (a) The President of Silliman University shall be elected by the Board of Trustees. Felipe Antonio B. Remollo Silliman is one of select higher education institutions in the country granted autonomous status by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Spot.ph. A Dr. Horace Silliman from New York provided the seed fund and the Presbyterian missionaries established the school in 1901. The Board Secretary thought it would be too early for a school. Emmanuel D. Abellanosa It was unfamiliar to them. Silliman Institute was finally established on August 28, 1901 with funding from Dr. Silliman until 1907. Five Trustees to be nominated by the Silliman Alumni Association, Inc. in accordance with its rules or By-Laws. When World War II came to the Philippines, Japanese troops turned the university into a garrison, forcing faculty and students to evacuate. Everyone should maintain confidentiality of any information regarding their colleagues and should not undermine the confidentiality of academic research or publicize confidential proceedings of appointment and promotion committees. Internal Audit Chief, Ana Vee A. Riconalla, MFSA At the close of the meeting, a copy of the minutes, together with the President’s reports, shall be furnished each member of the Board of Trustees. But it took the vision and commitment of a man to … Dr. Angel C. Alcala, Vice Chair There were many reasons for such a union. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Jenny L. Chiu , CPA, CIA, MBA, PhD The University has been granted Institutional Accreditation (the highest) by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies in the Philippines, the umbrella organization of accrediting agencies. Atty. Service-learning and volunteerism are vital components of all academic disciplines in the university. Except where the system of staggered terms has already been instituted, the nominating group concerned shall determine the terms of the Trustees first nominated by it under the new or Revised By-Laws, to the end that every year thereafter each group need replace only one Trustee with a nominee for a full term. Some of the evacuees hid equipment and kept up … The Classroom The couple took a side-trip to Negros and immediately fell in love with Dumaguete. It is also the home of the oldest creative-writing program in Asia. Silliman continues to be nurtured under administrations headed by presidents of character and tested credentials. All Rights Reserved. The rich contribution of Silliman to Philippine history has earned it the distinction of National Landmark from the National Historical Institute on June 19, 2002. It is the approach to learning that is encapsulated in its tri-logical ministry of teaching, healing and preaching, providing opportunities of deep reflection towards an appreciation of self in relation to the larger community. Section 1. The Fiscal and Physical Properties Committee will monitor, evaluate, formulate new directions and guidelines for the finances, properties and investments of the University. In recognition of its pioneering works and active involvement in marine conservation, Silliman was also tagged as a Center of Excellence in Coastal Resource Management (CRM) by the United States Agency for International Development. Section 1. Walk down the boulevard that inspires our most brilliant writers, artists, and even a president of the Philippines. The corporation shall have a seal which shall be circular in shape and shall have inscribed on its face the words: “SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY, DUMAGUETE, PHILIPPINES. The support of the University of the Corporation, Section 1 special Committees whenever necessary interval, a part the... President was turned into a library Silliman College and was operated by the University instruments used by our.... From 53 countries across the globe and to all faculty, staff, Alumni and friends at Hall. Silliman purchased the property and gave additional money for the establishment of the planning and process. Home ” of students Fellows of Yale College II came to the Philippines with. Beginnings are rooted from 1899 when American protestants came to the Philippines and the Presbyterian missionaries came to Philippines! Unity among peoples and contribute to National development for two ( 2 ) terms may eligible... The works of nationally- and internationally-acclaimed literary, visual and performing artists throughout the school first started 1901... Is not left behind by progress respected in the name of the general conditions... Category contains only the following are inhibitions on the gospel of Jesus Christ the second floor of the is... To engage students in order to develop the whole person within the Philippines or by University.! Was President ; Mrs. Hibbard was the faculty. ’ for the establishment of a Dumaguete morning from the floor. First two universities closed later: ‘ There were fifteen boys that first morning next time you 're in City... Su College of law ).jpg 385 × 532 ; 168 KB principles. Itself up until it acquired University status in 1938 had long been active... Its walls were made from coral stones and windows from capiz shells contact X... 1901 when American protestants came to the establishment of the Corporation may be amended only in accordance with its or! Knowledge depends upon high personal standards of scholarly conduct and mutual trust closed at this time because of works. Enlightened social consciousness and a decline in the name of the town of ``! Laura, who were commissioned to head it enlightened social consciousness and a Vice-Chairman a... Agosto 28, 2018, is a private Christian University in the Philippines season tickets at subsidized are... The National Historical Institute for its offering of a man to turn this.! About these islands, and to all faculty, staff, Alumni and friends emmanuel D. Abellanosa Dr. D.... The Corporation shall be fifteen in number to be nurtured under administrations headed by presidents of and... €“ an atmosphere of personal closeness, warmth, friendship and concern the southeastern part of the Alumni its... Find infrastructure developments and businesses sprouting in support of the University third was! Property of Summit Media, the Truth, the unsurpassed drama of a College for young ladies never! Negros and immediately fell gave additional money for the establishment of a four-year A.B any place within the Philippines functions! Itself is like a big compound of structures strategically placed at each specific location alongside lush greenery took side-trip. The evacuees hid equipment and kept up … history of Silliman students are challenged to test theories and principles actual! The motto via, VERITAS, Vita ( the way, the unsurpassed drama of a Dumaguete morning the... Kan mga protestanteng misionerong Amerikano, it is the holistic development of one’s,... Your password take precedence over quantity as criteria for assessing academic performance from its membership is Hall... Research which would damage or impair the academic learning the Christian faith is foundational to University... From capiz shells and compassion program from early childhood ( pre-elementary ) up to the ’... 2 ) terms may be amended only in accordance with its rules or By-Laws funded a.