They are extremely tolerant of children and will not get annoyed when they are pulled over, sat on or poked. In reality though, pit bulls are great family dogs. However, you should not take advantage of that to give you dog foods that is not nutritious. Pit Bulls love people and are incredibly friendly, plus they have the build and pain tolerance level to handle some situations other dogs can’t, making them the perfect pets and service dogs. Pit bull are extremely intelligent dogs are easy to train. This makes them loyal companions and promising candidates for athletic competition! Some people get a guard dog and proceed not to socialize it in the hopes that it will make them a better guard dog. Whatever Pit Bulls do, they do it with a great deal of enthusiasm, … Once the dog is trained, you will hardly find it going assists your commands. Now they blame the pit bulls. Pit bull, also called American Pit Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier, fighting dog developed in 19th-century England, Scotland, and Ireland from bulldog and terrier ancestry for hunting, specifically capturing and restraining semi-feral livestock. They show up as champions in our dog athletics competitions, and heroes in rescue scenarios. More. You will be surprised on how well the dog will interact with other pets. There are many outdated laws prohibiting pit bulls in some cities. The dog will not judge you or put unnecessary pressure that will stress you out. If they are treated with respect and love, then they are less likely to reveal negative traits. Pit Bull are among the most loving pets. It is because of the condition that they are suffering from. They get so excited even with simple things. Pits are easily trained, and tenacious when they have their eyes on a goal. No one in the house will be sad or bored if a pit bull is around. Pit Bulls As Pets. FAQ 32. Pit Bulls are not cold blooded aggressive killers, in fact, they are quite the opposite. They can eat almost any dog food that you give them. If you want to keep a strong, healthy pet, then pit bulls are a great option for you. 21 Reasons Pit Bulls As Pets Is A Terrible Idea (Photos) life. Pit Bulls are not the menacing breed they’ve been portrayed as. I have to be honest, I am somewhat worried about him though. Instead, the dog will always be patient with you. If you keep one, then we guarantee you that you will never get bored. That explains why athletic performance outshines that of other breeds by far. Pit bulls are among the cleanest pets on the planet. Having a child who is living with autism extremely challenging. Not long ago some places used pit bulls as nannies (of sorts) because they were so good with kids. By Dylan Guy. Pit bulls are loving and loyal Blame the deed not the breed! Mark unread; Skip to new; Mark unread Print Skip to new. If pit bulls were to speak, then you can be sure that it would never share your secret with anyone. Although pit bulls are friendly, their overall strong physique and their intimidating look can scare burglars and intruders. They will keep that special bond for a life time. However, that is not true. You don’t need to repeat things over and over as it is usually the case when training other dog breeds. Let me try to answer that question. The dog will make you appreciate little things in life that you always take for granted. This means that you will not incur huge grooming expenses. This leads to improper and unspecific care instructions, then behavioral problems, and finally, to the further negative mythologizing of the breed! They are extremely athletic and active. They are also easy to maintain hence perfect for people who want to keep a pet but are on a tight budget. That explains why pit bulls interact well with other pets in the house. Most people refer to pit bulls as family dogs because they genuinely care about each member of the family. Some may be game bred (from fighting lines), some may be registered show dogs, some may be Am. Will you socialize your dog appropriately? In fact, they are incredibly sweet to humans and other animals given the proper attention and conditions! Without it, their physical and mental health may decline, and you may even face some temperament issues due to an overflowing of impulse and energy. It is almost next to impossible to find an untidy, funny looking pit bull. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. While there is little evidence to support the terminology of Pit Bulls as nanny dogs, there is plenty to support them as being a wonderful family pet. This is why it’s not in my favor to house such a dangerous dog. Although big, these dogs are very friendly and tolerant if well trained. However, this doesn't mean that Pit Bulls are not great with kids. Are you planning to get a Pit Bull as a pet? Pit Bulls are one of the most loved dogs in the USA. Their main goal is to is impress you and will do anything to ensure that you are happy. If you give them love and care that they deserve, then you will get the best from them. Pit Bulls do not have unusual physical features or enzymes that allow them to lock their jaws. In the 90s they blamed the rottweiler. When Pit Bulls do bite, they do a lot of damage. You never know, this pet can help you meet the love of your life! Pit bulls are great family pets. If they are well trained, they can live in harmony with other pets such as cats and other dog breeds in the house. debates (nature vs. nurture, wild vs. domesticated, etc.) In the early 20th century, Pit Bulls moved graciously from fame as pit fighters to fame as national symbols. In fact, … Pit bulls are probably the most misjudged dogs in America. They are also not a picky eater as it is usually the case with other dog breeds. They are also very protective of children and will not allow anything bad to happen to them in their presence. Most people think that pit bulls have locking jaws. This dog can be your child best friend. Essay. We all want to feel safe at home. Their jaws pack a lot of force, and when they bite down, they don’t let go easily. Top Rated Vitamins and Supplements for Pit Bulls, vitamins and supplements specifically designed for Pit Bull’s needs. If yes, then you are absolutely making the right decision. Pit bulls love humans more than anything else. Your training also needs to be consistent and straightforward. They also need regular exercises to keep them in fit and strong. Your closest friends and even relatives can betray you. If well taken care of, you will enjoy the company of this pet for a long period of time with a minimal visit to the vet. Even when mistreated, they always forgive and move on. They don’t do this intentionally. If you are the type of person who loves going for evening walks or hiking, then keeping pit bulls as a pet is a wise idea. Continue taking good care of your child just like you did when the pet was not around. Their short coat requires little grooming. Here, we’ll explore the truth about Pits, and attempt to dismantle some of the more harmful illusions about their personalities, so you’ll know if a Pit Bull is … Therefore, if you are a clean person and you searching for a clean but fun pet, then you won’t go wrong if you choose pit bulls. However, that is not true. Pit bulls have a great heart. Do Pit Bulls have lockjaw? Many people who keep pit bulls as pets have developed a special bond because they are indeed great companion. If other dog breeds have failed to relate well with other pets in your house, try pit bulls and see how things will turn out. In facts, the most important thing that they need from you is love and attention. They will bring lifetime laughter to your home. Get Free NOOK Book Sample. Pit bulls don’t demand so much from their masters. But again, rarely, you will ever be bitten by a Pit Bull. There’s no muscle or enzyme that allows for a “lock” to take place, and they don’t even have the strongest bite among all dogs (german shepherds being an example of a breed with more powerful jaws). Remember, that little is known about the background of rescue dogs. They are also very good at following instructions. With lots of training and socialization, friendliness with other dogs can be learned by almost any Pit Bull, and many will be very friendly from the start! They not only have a great physique but they are also very intelligent and powerful. Knowing that a dog labeled as a “Pit Bull” is not always a true Pit Bull Terrier, be slow and methodical when getting to know your new dog’s needs. They only need genuine love and care. Multiple studies have shown that burgles usually avoid homes that have dogs around. Should Pit Bulls Be Kept As Pets?- The CONS 9. Their reputation as pets is shrouded in myths, misconceptions, and even fear. But there’s a reason Pit Bulls are so common, and becoming more popular every day in America. They will always accompany you for morning or evening runs, hiking or any other physical activity that will help you stay in good shape. It will be your greatest cheer leader. But which breed is the best for you and your family? The dog will cuddle with you, roll over for belly rubs, give you non-stop kisses, sit on your lap and even sleep beside you. what I mean by this is, famous presidents have owned pit bulls and were never attacked by them. There is a large misidentification problem among sheltered dogs, and lots of dogs are lumped into the “Pit Bull” category without sufficient evidence. Pit bulls are not the types of dog that will sit down lazing around. Que vous le vouliez ou non, si vous êtes propriétaire d’un Pitbull vous serez ambassadeur de ce type de chiens. If you have children a pit bull will help teach your child how to be affectionate and will give your kid a great new friend! The dog will always stay by your side regardless of the hardship that you are going through. In the 70s they blamed the doberman. Reality: Pit Bulls do not have any special physical mechanism or enzyme that allows them to “lock” their jaws. They are also less aggressive compared to other dog breeds. In fact, some studies have ranked them among the most affectionate dogs toward people, even out-cuddling the golden retriever in one prominent study’s category of affection toward humans. They are not only loving and caring but they are also fun to be with. When you take your pet out for morning or evening walk, it will most likely bond with your neighbours’ pet especially if they are the same breed and that will automatically make you and your neighbour friends. They are extremely peaceful and caring. This is because Pit Bulls were popular pets, even becoming the official pet of Hal Roach's The Little Rascals in the form of Pete the Pup during the 1930s[3]. This is because of all the danger with having a pit bull around. Contrary to what many people think, pit bulls always prefer to avoid trouble. Unfortunately, those people who don’t have a proper understanding of the breed spread fear of Pit Bulls by believing what the media reports about them without learning the facts. They have a short coat that is easy to care for. Pit bulls should be kept as pets because they used to have a good reputation, the media is unfair, and there are outdated laws against pit bulls. The owners train their pit bulls to do this bad stuff, such as attacking someone, by themselves, they are taught to. All that they need from their master is genuine love, care and understanding. This may come as surprise to many but it is true, pit bulls can help improve your social skills. In this article, we are going to give you 14 reasons why Pit Bull are great pets. Pit bulls should not be banned as pets. Pit Bulls -- Family Pets and Fierce Fighters, by Tom Greely, Los Angeles Times, July 25, 1982. That is just how loyal pit bulls are to their masters. In fact, there is nothing significantly different about the Pit Bull’s jaw compared with other breeds. … The owners train their pit bulls to do this bad stuff, such as attacking someone, by themselves, they are taught to. This rumor is representative of society’s misguided fear about Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls generally only attack if they were trained to be aggressive or if they feel they or their family is in danger. The last reason is, pit bulls don’t come naturally vicious. Let me explain a little bit further into In fact, the majority of people who keep pit bulls as a pet have never visited their local vet. Pit bulls have a caring heart and are always willing to share what they have with other pets. When you keep pit bull as a pet, you will see a drastic improvement in your child social skills. All that they need from their master is a well-proportioned diet that comprises of proteins and vitamins to promote good health. some people might say, pit bulls shouldn’t be allowed to be kept as pets because they kill and attack people ( they are vicious). The Warning Sign to Leave an Indoor Restaurant. What you need to keep this dog clean is small occasional bath and light brushing. Pit bulls also like to stay in a clean environment. As with all dogs, proceed with curiosity and care when accepting them into your life, and you’re likely to gain a wonderful companion once you do! Do Pit Bulls Make Good Pets? Unlike other dog breeds that are prone to cataracts, dysplasia among many other diseases, Pit bulls have a strong immune system and less likely to get ill. Don’t demand so much from the dog simply because it is smart. They cannot trade their loyalty for anything, not even their favorite meal. You may find that their behavior more closely aligns with an entirely different breed, and further, that a whole different food, socialization, and exercise regimen is advised! Here Are 21 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Make The Worst Pets. If you are looking for a pet that will be 100% loyal to you then you won’t go wrong if you choose a Pit Bull. Pit bulls are extremely athletic and an easily perform moves that other dog breeds cannot. Thousands of pit bulls run the streets, and many end up as pets. Pit Bull Attack: Case Report and Literature Review, by Steven F. Vegas, MD, Jason H. Calhoun, MD, M. If you have children around, then you don’t have to worry that this powerful dog will harm them. This is a great chance to socialize and get to know more people. When you keep pit bull as a pet, then you will never again feel unsafe especially when you alone at home. Pitbulls are wiggly, cuddly, affectionate dogs. PETFLOW'S *NEW* OFFER: Enter discount code ZAK30 at checkout to get $10 off your first THREE automatic shipments!!! Available on Compatible NOOK Devices and the free NOOK Apps. 0.99 In Stock Overview. Pit Bulls Bite Is Not Gentle. If you compare a Pit Bull skull to a skull of any other dog breed, you can see with the naked eye that both skulls share the same characteristics and general bone structure. Many pets keep grudges especially when mistreated. Bit bulls are extremely friendly and fun pets. Pit bulls are not only protective but there are also loyal to their masters. In conclusion, if you want to keep pit bull as a pet but you are wondering if you are making the right decision, then today we assure you that yes, pit bulls are great pets. Always ensure that you feed your dog with healthy nutritious food to promote its health and well being. Todays pit bull is a descendant of the original English bull-baiting doga dog that was bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head. If you are looking for a pet that genuinely love humans, then pit bull is a great choice. He will for once feel that he has a buddy around who understands him. In fact, two more likely reasons for their appearances at dog fights and as guard dogs are two of the breed’s biggest strengths. They’ve gained such a bad reputation that breed-specific laws have been enacted, and some countries and regions have even banned them. If you have a pit bull around, then can be sure that very few burglars will have the courage to break into your home because they know very well what awaits them especially if they miscalculate their moves. Boredom Therapy Staff. “Pit Bull” is NOT a breed. As popular as they are, Pit Bull Terriers are a controversial dog breed.