Discover the Danzi Reeds’s craft: Reeds, Canes and Tubes for Bassoon, Oboe and Clarinet. Specialist in Oboe Reed, Bassoon Reed, English Horn Reed, Oboe d'Amore etc., our team of professionals musicians will accompany you in the choice of canes or reeds. To start, take a piece of soaked, gouged bassoon cane and strap it to an easel. RGO Bass Oboe Tube Cane $75.00. At that time we only had one piece of Danzi GSP cane to try. Presentation. These are not for regular practice or performance. Bassoon - Contrabassoon / Tube Cane - Finished reeds / Rigotti Products Tube Canes MARION for Bassoon – By Kilo. The difference is that the Rieger design requires that you fold the cane over the shaper tip. My thoughts on the hardness of this cane is that it is medium to medium-hard, and the fibers are medium density. BASSOON TUBE CANE quantity. Delivery times to other countries see >here. It plays nicely. Vandoren 1-RHB50 Heckel Bassoon Raw Cane, 1/2K. Rigotti Bassoon Cane Bassoon - Gouged. Again, cane processed by Gonzalez has not proven to be a good fit for me, but if you like a hard reed, and do not build reeds from tubes, then it could be great for you! Rigotti Bassoon Tube Cane, 25-26mm. When I score, I actually cut from the butt end of the tube straight into the cane. The fibers seemed straight, they cut evenly, and the blades of my reeds sanded to my desired smoothness without feeling like I was fighting it. Danzi Produced Gouged Bassoon Cane, Medium Hard. Rigotti Gouged/Profiled Bassoon Cane. I wanted to have some conscious and recent experiences with the various canes so that I could better answer questions that you, as customers, may have. Filter. It also requires some extra time to soak before pre-gouging, to make sure that the cane is saturated. Review BASSOON TUBE CANE… Bassoon Tube Cane. Reeds 'n Stuff. FREE Shipping. Buying tube cane allows you to control each step as much as possible short of harvesting the cane yourself. So the reeds I made from their GSP cane were also very hard. This cane gave me two satisfactory reeds without a lot of fuss in the refining process. Review BASSOON TUBE CANE. Brand: Clear: Quantity . Cane packed by the .5 kilogram. >> BASSOON - CONTRABASSOON / TUBE CANE - FINISHED REEDS : 17 articles Log in or create your account to access prices and order Log in TUBE CANE - FINISHED REEDS AD/54 : Finished double reeds for Bassoon – Unit. The tube of the reed did not want to form into round easily. K Ge is again introducing a newly developed and revolutionary new oboe reed which we think could solve many problems which we find with the current way of reed making. Allowing it to age and now coming back to it, the cane seems like the fibers are dense enough to have a nice long playing life, and yet it’s still responsive. Choose from 1 lb or 1/2 lb bag. We have named this new product: “The K GE Oboe Bocal reed”! RGO English Horn Tube Cane $59.00. Product Description Product Information Product Ratings Description. France, Var Region $29.95. gouged contra bassoon cane $ 4.49 – $ 4.99. view details. Danzi Bassoon Tube Cane, 26-27mm. Danzi Produced Gouged Bassoon Cane, Soft. Reviews There are no reviews yet. RGO Clarinet Tube Cane $47.50. One of the two reeds I made from this cane was good but would clearly require some additional attention to finish it. Gouge; Reeds. Cane Made of tube cane Ø 24 mm. Our profilers place a basic “thumbnail” shadow profile to the heart of the reed. Of the two reeds I made from this cane, one took some serious damage in the blade area after it was finished, and it was too far gone to be useful. I recently have had the chance to use some Reeds ‘n Stuff reed-making machines by Udo Heng. France, Var region From $1.57. But I was able to get some usable pieces out of the tubes. Filter. If you’re careful and thoughtful, you should be able to make satisfactory reeds from any brand of cane, and probably from any already-processed cane. And we also sell tube cane.
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